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The 4000 year old medicine.

The last time I Googled “Reishi,” I get more than 621,000 hits. It will be too time consuming going through all of them so let me save you the trouble by summarizing what most of these sites are talking about. Reishi belongs to the Basidomycetes family of mushroom, which is a branch of the Mycetes […]


The King of the Herbs

History of Ganoderma (AKA. The “King of Herbs”) Ganoderma Lucidium (AKA Reishi Mushroom) has more than 5,000 years of history. Since the ancient period, it had been called the miraculous herb, precious herb, and an herb on behalf of life. It was and treated as a “panacea” tribute on behalf of emperors and later earned […]


The History of Reishi Mushrooms

Humanity has been seeking to improve the quality of life since before the discovery of fire. Archaeological evidence indicates that mushrooms have been in useby man for more than 7000 years.(1) Many Oriental civilizations have realized the amazing health benefits associated with certain mushrooms,(2) and yet in Western civilization they are relatively unknown. Sadly traditional […]

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