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Shiitake Mushroom Nutrition

Shiitake Mushroom Nutrition By Nicole Wolverton Shiitake mushrooms, a variety of Japanese mushroom, are available throughout the United States in grocery stores and specialty shops. The Mushroom Growers’ Newsletter reports that shiitake mushrooms are the second most produced mushroom worldwide, enjoying a growing popularity. This mushroom finds use in a variety of recipes, known for […]


The Benefits of Shiitake Mushroom

The small brown shiitake mushroom is indigenous to Asia, but has made its way into America’s kitchens and medicine cabinets. The earthy, smoky flavor of the fungi adds depth to stir fries, soups, pastas and vegetarian dishes, and is not only tasty but beneficial to your health. Ask your doctor before using large quantities of […]


The Versatile Shiitake Mushroom

The Versatile Shiitake Mushroom The Shiitake Mushroom is quite versatile in that it is raised and it is consumed amongst individuals in Asian countries. It is also dried and then exported to other countries all over the world. However, it is not just used for medicinal purposes, but it is also used in Japanese, Chinese, […]


Shiitake (lentinula edodes)

The shiitake mushroom is prized around the world for its medicinal properties. It is one of the most popular sources of protein in China, Japan, and the rest of Asia. It’s popularity is not due to it’s ample protein but it’s delicious flavor and other medicinal attributes. Shiitake mushrooms have a strong antiviral effect which […]

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