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“Wildman” Steve Brill Releases Wild Edible App

Naturalist, author, and environmental educator Wildman” Steve Brill, America’s go-to guy for foraging, has just released a master series of foraging apps, WildEdibles, that will give iPhone users the in-depth information they need to identify, ecologically harvest, and use 165 of the best wild edible and medicinal plants of North America, plus essential details of 52 look-alikes. The focus will be on eastern species, but half the plants and many more very similar close relatives that are also edible grow across the country.

“This takes foraging beyond what’s in any book or other app,” said the popular freelance naturalist, author, and environmental educator. “Taking full advantage of this newly developing media technology, I pair each plant with up to eight detailed pictures. My 718 photos, paintings, and drawings present all aspects of these tasty, nutritious, in-demand renewable resources in all their seasonal forms, something simply not cost-effective with print media.”

Plants are easily searchable by a number of different criteria (season, habitat, etc.) and arranged alphabetically for quick access in the field. Each herb, green, shoot, fruit, berry, nut, seed, root, or seaweed listed contains detailed identification info, a checklist of critical features, how to spot it, scientific and common names, parts used, food uses, seasons, range, habitats, poisonous and non-poisonous look-alikes, related species, cautions, and clarification of anything that may cause confusion.

“Wildman” provides his practical tips (and quips) for harvesting and using the plants (“Never pull out a cattail if there’s an animal rights activist watching!”), as well as details about preparing them. 162 scrumptious, healthful, vegan recipes, from simple ones such as Garlicky Chickweed with Penne to elaborate creations such as Black Forest Cake with Wild Cherries, grace this app’s electrons. “Wildman” has been recognized as America’s top foraging expert for decades, and his Brill-iant innovations with wild and vegan whole food dishes will be appreciated as soon as you try his Wild American Persimmon Ice Cream, or his unbelievably realistic Cow Parsnip Meatless Loaf (but not if you taste them both at the same time!).

The medicinal uses of the wild plants also get full coverage, from practical home remedies in use for centuries, to explanations of the latest cutting-edge pharmacological and nutritional research.

A big advantage of having this massive amount of information in an app is that you can use it whatever way works best for you. You can look up plants alphabetically, by season, or by habitat, or find the best toxic species to gather in case the boss drops over for dinner. WildEdibles is completely interactive, so you can switch around or find anything in it whenever you choose.

You can use the app as a cutting-edge vegan cookbook for wild foods or store-bought alternatives, or just sit back and browse through the modern botanical paintings and drawings that rival anything created by 19th-century naturalists. And there’s also a detailed introductory section, plus a glossary of botanical terms as close as a tap of the finger.

If you’re a beginner who finds the huge number of plants a little too imposing, a variety of smaller versions, including a flashcard-style studying tool, should suit your needs. A lite version with the most common, widespread, edible lawn “weeds” is free; the full app costs $7.99; and other smaller versions run from $0.99 to $3.99 each. Upgrades will become available as the app continues to blossom and grow.

This app series, created as a collaborative project, was crafted by skilled designers and programmers from the Detroit-based group WinterRoot.

WildEdibles, “Wildman” Steve Brill’s master foraging app series, is now available for all iOS 4.2 devices, with a customized iPad version soon to follow. Android and other smartphones will also be supported by future releases. Please contact “Wildman” at (914) 835-2153 for further information, and visit him at


Contact: “Wildman” Steve Brill, (914) 835-2153

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Mushrooms vs Breast Cancer

Breast cancer and mushrooms

Meghan Telpner is a Toronto-based nutritionist, Chief Love Maker at the The Love In The Kitchen Academy and director of Nourish Your Soul Holidays. Her Making Love In The Kitchen series will bring you tips on how to prepare healthful, nutritious goodness from whole foods.

Finally! A cancer fundraiser that actually sort of makes some sense. Mushrooms Canada did a fundraiser in October to help raise money for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada to support research for the prevention, early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

A fundraiser that makes sense… sort of.

Medicinal mushrooms have definitely been proven as a valuable treatment option to help people heal from cancer. It’s been known forever in Chinese medicine and in alternative health care, and now there is even some science to back it up.

Research has come out showing that mushrooms and mushroom extracts are potent cancer fighters. It seems that this is especially the case for breast and prostate cancers. This is no wonder as mushrooms have long been considered a healing and special food. The ancient Romans and Egyptians considered them a gift from the Gods while the Chinese saw them as the elixir of life.

* Mushrooms contain CLA which slows down the activity of an enzyme needed to make estrogen. Since cancers of the sex organs are fuelled by high levels of estrogen, mushroom extracts may be super important in helping us steer clear of these cancers.

* Mushrooms contain “beta-glucans”, a special type of carbohydrate (specifically found in the Maitake variety). In the lab, beta-glucan was shown to annihilate prostatic cancer cells.

* Mushrooms are a source of selenium. It has been shown that men who consume high amounts of selenium in their diets are at a decreased risk of developing prostate cancer. Selenium may also slow the rate of tumour progression in the case of prostate cancer.

* Medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, taken in their extract form, are believed to enhance the immune responses of the body. This helps your body overcome disease making it a strong fighting-machine. Research has shown that regular consumption of medicinal mushrooms is associated with a lower death rate from cancer.

Meghan Telpner
National Post

Read more at: National Post

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Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have been a large part of eastern medicine for many years. In Japan and China they are commonly used as an alternative to chemotherapy. By boosting the bodies immune system and balancing out the bodies function, they are able to prevent and treat many of the Illness’ and disease we face today.

Keeping medicinal mushrooms supplements a part of your daily routine, helps to ward off some of these ailments before they happen, for instance someone who takes Red Reishi mushroom regularly may after a few weeks notice a lack of fatigue, and reduction in stress. They may notice they are not getting the colds and flu’s others around them are getting. A general sense of well being that did not exist before is common.

For those suffering from serious maladies such as AIDS, Cancer, Depression, Asthma, Diabetes, Parkinson’s , Alzheimer’s, medicinal mushrooms could be essential in the treatment process. Research has shown these medicinal mushrooms to boost heart health, promote immune function, Combat allergies, ward off viruses and bacteria, reduce inflammation, help balance blood sugar levels; and support the body’s detoxification mechanisms.

Bryan Warman
Fungi Health